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Another Central South Unit, Research Development Labs, LLC is a product development firm specializing in plastic and other non-metal products and components. Led by a Caltech Mechanics PhD with a materials background acquired at Bell Labs, our engineering team has helped design, develop, manufacture and/or certify a wide variety of products ranging from solid rocket propellants and jet engine O-rings, through safety syringes and thermoplastic polyurethane catheters, to paint buckets and garbage bags. We have CAD and CAE capability, including FEA stress analysis and mold flow analysis. We work closely with our affiliated manufacturer, Manufacturing Industries, LLC to produce its clients’ goods in accordance with ISO and FDA requirements.

To support  its product devlopment effort,  R and D Labs has equipped its laboratories for measuring the thermomechnical properties of polymers  Among the tests we routinely offer our clients are:

  • Tensile
  • Flexural
  • Pendulum Impact
  • Drop Dart Impact
  • Gardner Impact
  • Heat Deflection Temperature

  • Creep
  • Relaxation
  • TGA
  • FTIR
  • DSC
  • DMA

Most of the mechanical tests can be performed at different temperatures and loading rates.

All testing is performed according to the appropriate standard(s): ASTM, ISO, UL, Automotive Spec, Military Spec, or whatever is needed.

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